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We don't just make sustainable fashion. We offer a bright future to women with a dark past.

With EYD you invest not only in socially and environmentally responsible fashion, but mainly in the people who make it for you. Because with us, the focus is on the "dressmakers", meaning the seamstresses, and not on the products or the profit. 

Our seamstresses see the lookbooks and photo messages with the garments they have sewn

Our mission

Exploitation, human trafficking, modern slavery or stigmatization - oppression is everywhere and especially women are affected by it. We want to change that! That's why we provide jobs for women with a traumatic past in a loving and supportive environment and thus hope and new opportunities for their future. Of course, we don't do this alone, but together with wonderful production partners who employ and care for affected women. They are much more than business partners for us, they are friends and like-minded people in the fight for social justice.  

While the stories of the women vary, the goal is the same in every case – EMPOWER YOUR DRESSMAKER.

Dream Big – with You!

Injustice and exploitation exist everywhere, regardless of how rich or poor a country is. And as long as this is the case, there is a need for projects like EYD, which actively stand up for those affected. Therefore, we want to grow continuously to start, initiate or support even more empowerment and freedom projects! Help us and become part of the movement: EMPOWER YOUR DRESSMAKER!

Partners in India

Our first charitable partner workshop CHAIIM Humanitarian Clothing is in Mumbai. Here women are employed who have been freed from human trafficking and forced prostitution.

CHAIIM humanitarian clothing

Partners in Nepal

At our partner workshop PURNAA in Kathmandu, disadvantaged and stigmatized women are given a new perspective.


EYD Imprint

Partners in Germany

On the edge of the Black Forest, an integrative sewing workshop was created in a loving environment for refugees.


Purpose Jewelery Produktion

Jewelry production in India

Purpose Jewelry employs women who have been freed from forced prostitution and can now begin their healing process in a nurturing community.

Purpose Jewelry