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We respect not only people, but also the environment.

Social justice never goes without climate protection, because the two are directly linked. That's why we want sustainability across the board. This influences every decision we make - even the invisible ones.
 Your payment ends up in an EthikBank account, we print our advertising with eco inks on recycled paper, our computers run on green electricity, and cartons returned via returns are given a second life with us. Step by step, we are getting closer to our vision..




Most of our products are made of cotton. This comes exclusively from controlled organic cultivation. This means that the high thirst for water of the plant is largely satisfied with rainwater, no nasty pesticides and herbicides are used and genetic modification is not allowed. The organic cotton is dyed only with organic dyes and the entire process is fair to the earth and to people, because in addition to the environment, the producers and workers are paid and treated fairly. The strong guidelines for organic farming mean that farmers can make more profit.



The silk-like fabrics in our collections are not made of silk, but of lyocell. The basis for this precious fabric is a cellulose fiber obtained from eucalyptus wood. The difference to conventional synthetic fibers is that lyocell is completely biodegradable and does not create microplastics. The chemicals required during production are very little and can even be recycled up to 95%. Lyocell has a wide range of uses and many positive properties that make it comfortable to wear on the skin. Lyocell is thus a sensible ecological alternative to conventional man-made fibers. The production is very environmentally friendly and the result is a silky soft fabric that is incredibly soft, breathable, moisture regulating and ideal for those suffering from allergies.




Our fashion is characterized by the fact that it is free of materials of animal origin. This means we do not use animal products such as leather, wool, fur or silk. The production and processing of animal components harms both the animals and the environment. Most of the animals that serve the clothing industry come from countries where there are almost no guidelines on animal welfare and are bred specifically for their raw materials. In addition to animal suffering, this also means an enormous use of resources. That's why we focused on using plant-based materials like organic cotton and lyocell. Our jumpsuit "TISA LONG" was even awarded with the PETA Germany Vegan Fashion Award.



We take care to avoid waste as much as possible and to recycle all resources as much as possible. For example, fabric leftovers from the production of our clothing are used to make new products such as scrunchies or fanny packs.

Our cardboard boxes are reused and our parcel tape is made of paper.

We also avoid plastic during storage and transportation. Therefore, we avoid the usual individual packaging of our pieces.

Unsere plastikfreie Verpackung


We also try to protect the environment in our EYD office.

We get our electricity from the green energy provider Polarstern and our bank account is with EthikBank.

Your orders are delivered to you climate neutral via DHL Go Green..

In our Stuttgart office, most of our employees come by foot, by bike or by train.


Since recently, the voluntary environmental contribution in cooperation with the environmental protection startup COKO can be found in our store. In the shopping cart you have the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of your order. Learn more.

Umweltbeitrag COKO

But we are not perfect. There are still points we can improve and work on to protect the climate even better.